Research design

Early childhood education

What does the research involve for participating early childhood education centres (VVE) and what are we going to do in the four studies?

Information for participating centres

If you would you like to take part in our research, please contact us by sending an email

All participants will receive a report summarising the results for their centre. This report will focus primarily on the effectiveness of the catch-up and support programme in terms of cognitive skills, well-being, confidence and social competences.

This report can be used to account for the use of the funding received.

The research involves:


A short questionnaire about the catch-up programme and which instruments your centre uses to monitor the development of pre-school children


A quantitative evaluation of the effects of the catch-up programmes on the development of the pre-school children who participated in the intervention in your centre.


A qualitative case study analysing the effective elements and effects of the programme, including the effects on the well-being and social-emotional development of the participating children.

Four early childhood education studies


Study 1

Analysis of applications for funding

Early childhood education centres will be asked to complete a questionnaire concerning the type of programme and the instruments used to monitor development.

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Study 2

Quantitative analysis

A quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of the programme in terms of the development of pre-school children.

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Study 3

Qualitative case studies

Qualitative case studies in two centres to investigate the effective elements of the programmes.

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Study 4

Quantitative evaluation

An online questionnaire to be completed by pedagogical staff about the effects on the social-emotional development of the participating children.

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Throughout the research, we will work closely together with schools and other sector partners (Council for Primary Education, Dutch Inspectorate of Education, Ministry of Education) to share our research findings – where possible during implementation of the programmes. You can read the results of the studies here.

Proposal NRO

Would you like to view a copy of the research proposal (in Dutch) for these studies? Download it here.


Do you have any questions about the research? Contact us for a general questions or ask the research team.


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