Meet the team

Researchers from research institute LEARN! (VU University Amsterdam) and Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) (Maastricht University) are working together on investigating the effectiveness of catch-up programmes.

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Our research team

Professor Melanie Ehren

Questions about:
PE: study 1 and 3
SE: study A and B

Professor Martijn Meeter

Questions about:
PE: study 2 and 4
SE: study C and D

Dr. Anne de Bruijn

Questions about:
PE: study 4
SE: study D

Dr. Anne Fleur Kortekaas

Questions about:
ECE: 1 – 4 | PE: 1,3,4
SE: study A and D

Rukiye Turkeli

Questions about:
school communication

Dr. Işıl Sincer

Questions about:
PE: study 3
SE: study B

Professor Carla Haelermans

Questions about:
PE: study 2
SE: study B

Madelon Jacobs

Questions about:
PE: study 2
SE: study B

Proposal NRO

Would you like to view a copy of the research proposal (in Dutch) for these studies? Download it here.


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