About LEARN!

LEARN! is an interdisciplinary research institute on learning in an institutional and societal context. We study learning and development and the context in which people learn and develop.

Who are we?

We bring together colleagues from the behavioural, social, medical and educational sciences to understand:

  • The Micro context of learning of children and adults (including teachers, principals)
  • The Meso context of learning, such as the classroom, school organisation, day-care centers, work-based settings or adult colleges
  • The Macro context of learning; e.g. the coordination and governance of learning by school boards, local and national governance (e.g. through marketization, network governance, hierarchical coordination), including the cultural and institutional context of learning (norms, values, social blueprint; legal, financial and policy context).


Across these three contexts we work in the following thematic areas:


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